Monkey Bridge Replacement Projects

Date:Dec 18, 2011

The projects take place in Hau Giang province, located in the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam. One of the key transportation around this area is by boat. To cross a river, people use the “Monkey Bridge”, which is made from bamboo poles or logs. This type of bridge is very narrow, unsafe, and fragile. It poses a threat to children who sometimes fall of and injure themselves.


Our goal is to replace the unsafe bamboo bridges with new sturdy concrete. In order to do this we are collaborating with a local non-profit organization called Anh Duong Community Development & Support Center. Our fundraising will help contributing to 1/3 of the total costs of the bridge. The remaining 2/3 will be fundraised by local authority and villagers. For extremely low income families, who can’t financially contribute to the project, they will contribute their time to help building the bridge.


  • The concrete bridge is more durable and has much longer life expectancy
  • Drastically reduce commute time to work and school by scooter instead of boat
  • Children can safely cross the river without fear of falling
  • Provide quicker access to schools for students who are living in isolated areas
  • Children and the elderly have faster access to public services (health care, education, social services, etc.)
  • Villagers reduce fuel cost due to shorter routes
  • Fewer students will drop out during monsoon season
  • Create stimulation for other communities to fund raise a similar project in their areas.



  • 6 completed new bridges in Long My & Phung Hiep Districts in Hau Giang
  • $7,000+ annual saving on gas expenses by shortening commuting distance