Happy Room at Luong Nghia Primary School

Date:Nov 20, 2011

The use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War as well as the application of harmful chemicals in farming result in increased rate of disabilities in children.

Children with disabilities (CWD) do not have specialized education. Many cannot keep up with the standard education programs and end up dropping out at early ages


Anh Duong, a local NGO partner of beCause Vietnam, aims to address this problem with a three-part approach: train teachers on how to work with CWD, train parents on how to educate and communicate with their children, and finally to build a special facilities to house classes for CWD.

This project sponsored by beCause Vietnam is the last part of the approach. The special classrooms will be part of local schools that show support for the idea of the project. Anh Duong prefers the “pull” model over the “push” approach to find suitable schools to build these classrooms.


The project will address the educational need of CWD, who otherwise cannot access or keep up with the standard education system. In addition, it provides families with the knowledge to manage and live with disabilities. This is a necessary step to enable family members to get back to the work force and alleviate poverty.

The presence of these special classrooms in the community raises awareness of disabilities among the population. This helps reduce prejudice and stigma.