Library at Dang Tran Con Elementary School

Date:Sep 08, 2012

beCause Vietnam, in collaboration with Vietnam Fund for Education, have successfully built a new library for the students at Dang Tran Con Elementary, KonTum Province.


  • Location: Mang La Village, Ngok Bay Commune, KonTum City, KonTum Province
  • Total students: 730
  • Ethnicity: 100% ethnic minority


The ethnic minority students at many of the schools in Kontum come from some of the poorest and most deprived families in the country. Most of these children have literally no access to books or dvds other than the academic books they find during regular school hours. Many drop out of school after the 5th grade to help at home or with their small family’s farms. Without access to libraries, many will never have the opportunity to improve their literacy, nor even the chance to discover a wide world that exists outside Kon Tum. Families simply have no money for such “luxuries”.

Libraries unlock doors and allow light into a child’s world. For these children who have so little, providing them access to a library has the potential to change lives. The library is also used as a community gathering location for after school hours and weekends.

 What we provided:

  • 1,000 literature, science, and comic books
  • 1 computer
  • 1 printer
  • 1 projector
  • 1 projector screen
  • Book shelves, reading tables, and chairs
  • Freshly painted reading room