Our mission is to bring hope and optimism to the less fortunate.  We strive to achieve our goal through carefully vetted projects that focus on both long term benefits to the communities, as well as short term humanitarian aid relief where needed.  Through our work, we hope to raise awareness of impoverishment in Vietnam, and improve the lives of those in need.

Poverty At A Glance

Despite the rapid economic development and growth in recent years, Vietnam remains one of the third world countries with the highest poverty rate.  The problem is caused by the following major interrelated factors on poverty:

  • Majority of the population lives in rural, isolated or disaster prone areas, where physical and social infrastructure is relatively undeveloped.
  • Head of the household is most likely to be a farmer; almost 80 per cent of the poor worked in agriculture.
  • Many lack education and have no access to healthcare.
  • Families suffer from the affects of Agent Orange – the devastating chemical weapon during the Vietnam War.
  • The poor are disproportionately likely to be from an ethnic minority.

While we understand poverty exists everywhere, even in America. The inaccessibility to help, services, education, and adequate health care worsen the ability for one to be self-reliant. For this reason, the people in Vietnam are at a disadvantage and in greatest need of tools that allow them to become sufficient individuals.

This is why BeCause was formed, to make a difference in the lives of those in need. The work can be time challenging, but the experience is immensely rewarding. Whether it be time or money, you can help us provide much needed support and care to truly deserving individuals.